Be my model

Be my model

I am always looking for subjects to work with on my personal projects. These endeavors require good people who are willing to give me their time and access to their lives.

Let's be clear. I don't want professionals. I seek people from all ways of life, I don't need someone who can work a camera. If you could fill out the form below I'd be very grateful. I value your information and will not share it in any way.  This simply helps me organize my shoots based on locations, times available, and what kind of shoot may suit you. 

In my personal work I like to tell stories, to explore the hidden, interesting, and quirky sides of people. Let's tell a story together.

Saloni is a member of Redefined Dance Company. She said she wanted some more urban pictures for a dancer profile and we set up a shoot the very next day. 

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I like to shoot at or near where my subject lives to better capture their personality. If yes, give me the basics of your house, apartment, park etc.
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